Mike Pompeo: Dr. Fauci 'saw everything I saw' about COVID origins, but came to a different conclusion

MIKE POMPEO: By March and April of 2020, I don’t know how anyone could have seen the accumulated evidence surrounding the Wuhan Institute of Virology and conclude that there was no chance that the virus escaped from this place. The evidence had become overwhelming. It continues to grow. And yet, I heard Dr. Fauci this week say ‘I think the Chinese have every incentive to come clean about this.’ 

That’s crazy nieve. They have every incentive to do what they did in 1989, which is to kill thousands of their own people. Today, that’s to cover up what they did, which is now resulted in the deaths of millions of people around the world. I don’t understand Dr. Fauci’s continuing to tout, and give the Chinese Communist Party the benefit of the doubt when they have in no sense earned that. 

And I don’t understand why both publicly and privately they were working to make sure that the state department, my small team that was working on the project, they didn’t want us to complete the task. 


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