Mike Pompeo on 'Kilmeade Show': Media took the bait on Democrats' Russia 'disinformation'

DEM 그룹은 거의 지불되는 '디스 정보'에 맞서기 위해 설립되었습니다. $ 1M TO DISCREDITED STEELE DOSSIER RESEARCHERS

마이크 폼페이 오: 이 서류는 주로 민주당 기관 엘리트 지도자들의 창작물이었습니다.. We can see all the machinations behind it with Marc Elias and the gang. We can see that’s how this was built. The media then took the bait. I think that we should all be mindful when the media says we have sources, we should all now acknowledge that if they’re not prepared to name sources, this is the kind of risk that they createthe misinformation campaign. But worst of all, was our Justice Department and our FBI failing to get this right. Failing to take what I think they knew that this was really thin sauce. This was really weak stuff, and building out the Mueller Report and the investigation around what was clearly disinformation put upon them by the Democratic Party here. This will be a stain on the FBI for an awfully long time.

The core of the Steele dossier says somehow our administration was in cahoots with the Russians and that President Trump was a Russian asset. That’s what Congressman Schiff and the others were foisting on America. That is patently false, and I think we can see the Steele dossier, which was the basis for these claims, was patently false.

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