Mike Rowe, John Rich tops Adele on iTunes chart with ‘Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job’: ‘You guys are incredible’

L'ex “Lavori sporchi” ospite portato su Instagram on Tuesday and announced that his new holiday track, intitolato “Il lavoro sporco di Babbo Natale,” has reached number #1 su iTunes, beating out Adele’s “Facile con me,” which came in second place.

You guys are incredible!” the 59-year-old captioned the post. “Thanks to you, our little Christmas song is currently #1 on iTunes in ALL genres. Unbelievable. John Rich and I are both grateful. Because it’s Giving Tuesday, I’ll mention once again that all proceeds go to mikeroweWORKS and Folds of Honor. Per $ 1.29, you can help two great foundations make a real difference, E, get a holiday earworm stuck in your brain and your playlist for the rest of your life! Prego! You can download wherever you download your music.

“Anche – BIG thanks to Fox & Amici, who played the song in its entirety this morning, and plugged the heck out of it. Much obliged!” Ha aggiunto.


Rowe and the country music star teamed up with the Oak Ridge Boys to release a Christmas song highlighting Santa’sdirty job,” while also giving back to the community.

The pair appeared on “Volpe & Amici” Tuesday to debut “Il lavoro sporco di Babbo Natale,” which funnels proceeds to Folds of Honor, an organization that provides scholarships to military families, and the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, which promotes trades and apprenticeships.

La traccia stupida mette in evidenza i pezzi nitidi di Babbo Natale’ lavoro, che include i calci delle renne “natica in faccia,” arrampicarsi su e giù per camini disordinati, superando “grossi cani da guardia” e “fare una linea B per il bagno” dopo aver consumato troppi biscotti.

“Babbo Natale deve fare il lavoro sporco / Babbo Natale deve fare il lavoro sporco,” cantano in coro. “Babbo Natale deve fare il lavoro sporco / e lo fa tutta la notte.”


Mike Rowe (sinistra) and John Rich (destra) have teamed up to create the song ‘Santa's Gotta Dirty Job.'

Mike Rowe (sinistra) and John Rich (destra) have teamed up to create the song ‘Santa’s Gotta Dirty Job.(Getty Images)

The video features Rowe, 59, e ricco, 47, singing their new tune while decked out in Christmas clothes. The Oak Ridge Boys also appear in the video, offering up backing vocals.

“buon Natale, Mike Rowe,” Rich says at the end of the song.

Rowe responds: “buon Natale, John-boy.

The Oak Ridge Boys provide backup vocals on the track.

The Oak Ridge Boys provide backup vocals on the track. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

John’s charity is doing amazing work with families of vets who didn’t make it back,” Rowe stated during his appearance on “Volpe & Amici.” “We’re doing what we can at mikeroweWORKS, but putting this song out here on this show like this, I know I speak for John, we’re both super grateful. Grazie.”

America’s not having a great time right now and maybe a song like this… can help put a smile on her collective face,” Rowe added.

I love what Mike stands for,” Rich added. “Lavoro duro, patriotismI’m the same kind of guy. This song made perfect sense. We hope America loves it.


Mike Rowe of 'Dirty Jobs' fame is passionate about supporting our veterans.

Mike Rowe di "Dirty Jobs’ fame is passionate about supporting our veterans. (Getty Images )

Di nuovo dentro 2020, Rowe told Fox News it’s essential for Americans to stand up for our veterans.

We take so many of our freedoms for granted,” said Rowe at the time. “The Bill of Rights, ogni libertà nella Costituzione, la libertà di muoversi liberamente. Every good and decent thing we enjoy was paid in blood by men and women who put on a uniform and then went away.

We’ve abandoned them,” Rowe shared. “That might be too strong of a word, ma non ci siamo impegnati per fare il possibile per aiutarli a rimontare. Non li abbiamo messi in prima linea per offrire loro l'aiuto e le opportunità di cui hanno bisogno una volta tornati a casa. Abbiamo il dovere di ricambiare il favore. Questa è la più grande lezione che ho imparato nel corso degli anni. Diamo le cose per scontate. È una cosa molto umana da fare. Ma sfortunatamente, the men and women who wear the uniform are among the things we take for granted.

The soundtrack is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Fox News’ Nate Day and Bailee Hill contributed to this report.