Military is ‘most inclusive, least racist’ institution in America: Crenshaw

REPS. DAN CRENSHAW: I definitely do not think the military is racist. It’s probably one of the least racist institutions in America, if not the world, it is truly a place where your skin color, your gender, your background can be set aside and meritocracy takes hold and you move up based on your own skill sets, based on your own judgment, based on your own leadership qualities.

We see that time and time again proven in a place like the military, and what is inclusive about the military? Bien, the fact that we all have the same standards, the fact that we wear the same uniforms, the fact that we sing the same songs… So there’s a cultural identity that takes place in the military, which is actually really hard to emulate anywhere else, but it happens in the military. That’s what we should be talking about when we say the military is inclusive.


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