Military son comes home to surprise police sergeant mother for holidays

Military son comes home to surprise police sergeant mother for holidays

officer recently returned home to surprise his mom, ㅏ 경찰 sergeant, just in time for the holidays. Private Second Class Daeveon Oliver and St. Petersburg, Fla., Police Sergeant Samora Church joined여우 & 친구after their heartwarming reunion.

I was ecstatic. I was very happy to see him. I didn’t think I was going to see him until after the first of the year,” Church told “여우 & 친구” 월요일.


Once military officials approved his request to come home, Oliver said members of his family and supervisors at Church’s police station both helped pull off the surprise.

I called my aunt so she could pick me up from the airport,” Oliver said. “She was the only person at home that knew at the time, so that was one of the key factors that helped me make the surprise better.

With his aunt’s help, Oliver surprised his grandmother on the night of his arrival. Oliver’s grandmother then called Church’s supervisors to set the plan in motion.

My grandma, she got a hold of the lieutenants so that we could set up this plan to say that somebody downstairs had a complaint,” Oliver said.

When Church responded to the “불평,” her son was right there waiting.

She goes downstairs, she goes to the double doors, and I’m waiting around the corner,” Oliver said. “I was like, ‘Officer I’ve got a problem,’ and that’s when she obviously just melts right there.

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Church said that, while she understands Oliver is doing important work in the military, she is glad to have her son home for the holiday season.

It meant everything,” Church said. “I have two younger kids and they’ve been missing their brother like crazy, just like I’ve been missing him like crazy.

To have all my little pieces back together meant everything to me,” 그녀는 덧붙였다.

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