Miller: 'Greatest border disaster in American history’ not being covered with 'attention it deserves'

STEPHEN MILLER: In other words, if you watch Fox, you’ll have a very clear understanding of what’s happening on our southern border. But if you, for example, get your news from any one of the few major newspapers or maybe your local news affiliate other than Fox — or maybe, for example, you get it from Facebook or Twitter and the stories that they’re promoting, you would have no idea, no clue, if that’s what you were relying on for the situation on our southwest border. This is the greatest border disaster in American history, and it’s not being covered with even an ounce of the attention that it deserves.

How many Americans are killed because of the drugs pouring across our border that is now open? What about our border agents and ICE officers who are laboring under impossible conditions? Who has their back? Because it’s certainly not this administration.


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