Mindy makes landfall in Florida as western states feel the heat


The storm is forecast to bring 2-4 inches of rain from the Florida Panhandle and northern Florida through southern 佐治亚州南卡罗来纳 through Thursday, with the potential for isolated totals of more than 6 英寸.

Tropical Depression Mindy makes landfall

Tropical Depression Mindy makes landfall (信用: 福克斯新闻)

A few isolated, brief 龙卷风 are also possible.

Mindy is projected to move off the southeastern coast into the Atlantic and dissipate in a few days as it shifts away from the U.S.

Storm reports in the past 24 小时

Storm reports in the past 24 小时 (信用: 福克斯新闻)

与此同时, a cold front moving across the 东北 will bring showers and some thunderstorms with localized 洪水 星期四.

此外, excessive heat warnings and heat advisories are expanding across the West, 包含 加利福尼亚州Southwest.

Western heat advisories

Western heat advisories (信用: 福克斯新闻)

The hot and dry conditions will not help the ongoing long-term 干旱 across the region and the 80 大 野火 currently burning.

All of this comes as Hurricane Larry is holding steady as a strong Category 2 storm and will pass east of Bermuda 星期四.

Hurricane Larry moves near Bermuda

Hurricane Larry moves near Bermuda (信用: 福克斯新闻)

Tropical storm warnings are in effect for the island as tropical storm conditions are likely.

Heavy surf and high rip current risk will continue across East Coast beaches through the end of the week as swells from Larry reach the coast.