El corredor de los Minnesota Vikings, Dalvin Cook, acusado de agresión por parte de su ex novia

A former girlfriend of Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook has accused him of assault, agresión y encarcelamiento falso relacionados con un altercado que supuestamente ocurrió en su casa de Minnesota hace casi un año, to which Cook claimed on Wednesday he was the one who was assaulted.

Cook’s former girlfriend, Gracelyn Trimble, accuses him of intentionally striking her multiple times in November 2020, which caused herpain and suffering, mental anguish, humiliation, and injuries which include a concussion, lacerations, bruising, and scarring,” according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.
Trimble, who is a US Army Sergeant First Class living in Texas, flew to Minnesota to retrieve her belongings from his residence afterlearning of further infidelity in Cook’s part,” the lawsuit filed in Dakota County District Court in Minnesota says.
    She entered through Cook’s garage and grabbed mace she stored thereto defend herself as she feared what Cook may doas she packed her items up, los estados de la demanda. Trimble went to the living room where Cook and two other people were and asked Cook to help her get her belongings.
      Cook grew angry, grabbed her arm, and slung her whole body over the couch, slamming her face into the coffee table and causing her lower forehead and the bridge of her nose to bust open and start gushing blood,” the lawsuit says. “Trimble attempted to point the mace towards Cook to defend herself but was unsuccessful due to his overpowering strength. En lugar de, the mace primarily sprayed into Trimble’s eyes.
        Several pictures of a bruised and injured Trimble are included in the lawsuit as exhibits.
        Cookthreatened to kill her while pointing a gun at her head,” según la demanda, and that Trimble was confined when Cook picked her up and refused to let her leave.
          Trimble is seeking monetary damages in excess of $ 50,000, the lawsuit says.

          Cook ‘is the victim here,’ el agente dice

          El miércoles, while addressing reporters during the Vikingsregularly scheduled media availability, Cook said he was the victim in the situation.
          The truth and the details about the situation will come out at a further time,” Cook said. “I got my head up high knowing the truth will come out.
          Cook’s agent, Zac Hiller, said he isadamant Dalvin is the victim here and did nothing wrong.
          According to the running back’s attorney, David Valentini, Trimble allegedly broke into Cook’s home, assaulted him and two others and isattempting to extort him for millions of dollars.
          “Sargento. Trimble, unlawfully and without the consent or knowledge of Mr. Cook, entered his residence in Inver Grove Heights,” Valentini said in a statement to CNN.
          Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings is accused of assault in lawsuit

          “Sargento. Trimble gained entry into Mr. Cook’s residence with a stolen garage door opener. Upon entry into the residence, Sargento. Trimble immediately, and without provocation, physically assaulted Mr. Cook, punched him repeatedly and maced Mr. Cook directly in the eyes and then maced his two houseguests.
          Valentini added that Trimble used a gun to force Cook and his guests to remain in his residence for several hours.
          During this hostage situation, Sargento. Trimble tried to again assault a female guest of Mr. Cook and when Mr. Cook tried to stop the attack, Sargento. Trimble was knocked to the ground and suffered a small cut above her nose. These facts are confirmed by at least two independent witnesses.
          The National Football League said in a statement it will review the matter under its personal conduct policy.
          We will continue to monitor developments but there’s no change to his status,” the NFL said.
          The Vikings are aware of theongoing dispute between the parties,” the team told CNN in a statement.
          Upon learning of this, we immediately notified the NFL. We are in the process of gathering more information and will withhold further comment at this time,” el equipo dijo.
          Since this is a civil complaint, Cook won’t be placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, per league policy.
            Cook said Wednesday he has not been in contact with the league. He is expecting to be in the lineup when the Vikings play the Chargers this Sunday in Los Angeles.
            Cook was drafted out of Florida State by the Vikings in the second round of the 2017 Draft de la NFL. This season, the two-time Pro Bowl running back is ninth in the league with 554 rushing yards.




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