Miranda Devine on 'Kilmeade Show': バイデンホワイトハウスがハンターバイデンのスキャンダルを無視し続ける理由

ハンターバイデン, セルビアの大統領と新興財閥との外国エージェントの投資投資会議, EMAILS SHOW

ミランダがなる: It’s been over a year now and the contents of the laptop we have verified with numerous people who are also recipients of emails and documents and so on. And the White House and the Biden campaign has never denied that the contents are correct and that this is Hunter’s laptop. And Hunter himself said certainly it could be my laptop. And yet they refuse to answer any questions and to confirm that Joe Biden is basically compromised when it comes to China and Russia. And he really owes the American people an explanation. そして残念ながら, でも, I think that unless The Washington Post and New York Times and CNN and MSNBC actually start being honest with their audience, the White House can just continue to ignore it.