Missouri police believe 5-year-old was injured in 'rolling' shootout

A “rolgeweergeveg” tussen mense in twee voertuie, het 'n 5-jarige meisie moontlik Vrydagaand in die hospitaal gelaat, Die polisie in Missouri sê.

Beamptes het berigte oor skote ondersoek 7:50 nm., the Independence Police Department said in a statement.
Around the same time, the Kansas City Police Department said a child had been shot and dropped off at a nearby Walmart.
Police are investigating a “rolgeweergeveg” in a restaurant parking lot, said Independence Police spokesman John Syme.
    The found victim is believed to have been in one of the involved vehicles when she was shot. She was transported to an area hospital and is being treated at this time,” lui die verklaring.
    Syme said she was in stable condition.
    Ten minste 30 shell casings were found nearby, hy het gesê. Police were searching for those involved, hy het gesê.
      Affiliate KSHB reported that surveillance video from the restaurant shows two vehicles, a car and an SUV, firing on a highway and pulling into the parking lot. At least three vehicles in the lot were struck. No one in the restaurant was injured, het die stasie berig.
      So far in this year, 1,155 children younger than 18 have been killed and 3,214 have been injured by the use of firearms, according to the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive. Sommige 3,760 children younger than 18 were killed or injured last year.

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