MLB 및 모든 30 팀이 보험 제공자를 고소, Covid-19로 인한 수십억 손실을 인용

메이저 리그 야구는 보험사를 고소하고있다, 보험사가 코로나 바이러스 전염병으로 인해 스포츠가 겪은 수십억 달러의 손실을 충당하기를 거부하고 있다고 주장, according to a lawsuit filed in October.

모두 30 MLB teams, the baseball commissioner’s office, MLB’s digital and streaming services, MLB Network and have collectively sued their insurance providers, citing massive property damage andtime elementlosses that the clubs and their affiliates have experienced due to the pandemic, according to the lawsuit filed in Alameda County, 캘리포니아, and obtained by CNN.
수트, filed on October 16, states claims that MLB purchasedtop-shelf All Risks Policiesto protect baseballagainst the risk of catastrophic economic lossesthat it now faces due to the pandemic.
Baseball paid millions of dollars in premiums year after year because it deliberately bought broad, more protective coveragebut the insurershave very publicly refused to live up to their contractual obligation to pay what they promised,” [object Window].
    CNN has reached out to the insurance companies named in the suit for a response and has not yet heard back.
    Citing fans as being at the core of baseball’s revenue, the suit claims that fans have flocked to baseball stadiumsthrough two world wars, and a host of other local, regional, national, and global crises” 때문에 “whenever America faced a crisis, baseball — and attending baseball games — was a common bond that united the country.
    In the face of nationwide restrictions due to the pandemic, clubs canceled more than 1,500 계략, resulting in the shortest regular season on record.
    COVID-19 forced the Clubs to play the entirety of this shortened regular season without that core: fans in the stands,” according to the suit.
    A limited number of fans were allowed to attend the National League Championship Series and the World Series at Globe Life Field in Arlington, 텍사스.
    The suit says that teams lost the revenue they relied on from ticket sales, concessions, parking, and merchandise sales as well as more than $ 1 billion in losses from local and national media broadcast rights.
      MLB started its 60-game season 7 월, four months after Opening Day was postponed. 일반적으로, 그만큼 30 MLB teams each play 162 games from late March to early October, followed by a postseason.
      Due to COVID-19, the Major League Baseball entities, including those of the 30 Major League Clubs, have incurred significant financial losses as a result of our inability to play games, host fans and otherwise conduct normal business operations during much of the 2020 시즌. We strongly believe these losses are covered in full by our insurance policies, and are confident that the court and jury will agree,” MLB said in statement.

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