Model Elizabeth Pipko on fending off political labels, 取消文化: 'I'm going to fight that every day'

按年龄 26, Pipko’s name and face have captivated two entirely different audiences: the ones who enjoy pouring over fashion spreads, and those who have their noses buried in the headlines about today’s 政治 气候.

Whether she’s modeling or appearing on television speaking about her conservative views, Pipko tells Fox News in a new interview that she’ll never welcome a label to be cast on her by someone else.

“为了我, labels have been nothing but a hindrance. I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with them. I think it’s dangerous and the two-party system encourages those labels for young people,” Pipko said.


在 2016, she hid her work as a Trump campaign staffer from 造型 peers because of the understanding she could get dismissed simply for having beliefs different than others.

I’ve been canceled by multiple people in politics for either being too right-leaning or too left-leaning for people’s liking. I’ve been canceled in modeling obviously for other things and I’m going to fight that every day,” Pipko elaborated.

Those trying to restrict Pipko haven’t succeeded. The founder of The Exodus Movement recently graced the Fall 2021 women’s issue of Lapalme magazine and continues to be appear on a number of TV networks. She believes those who fall victim to the hypersensitive society of today can only be canceled if they allow it.

I will never let anyone cancel me or what I stand up for because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I will fight that to the death. 我说, stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t read, see, or watch because there’s something to learn from absolutely everything out there. Even the worst things in our world there is something to learn from.


Pipko penned her first book 标题 “Finding My Place: Making My Parents’ American Dream Come True” 在 2020. 在里面, she details the sacrifices her Jewish parents and grandparents made to come to America so she could have a better life. That’s why her life mantra has always been to shatter glass ceilings andnot limitherself to just one job or skill.

Elizabeth Pipko says she won't allow anyone to cancel her.

Elizabeth Pipko says she won’t allow anyone to cancel her. (Nayo Martinez)

I’ve said for years that I want to be the person that proves anyone can do it all, also that women can do it all. 为了我, it’s been working to prove that you can literally appear in magazine covers, write books, be an athlete, work in the most high stakes, bloodthirsty industry that is politics and kind of succeed in all of that in my own little way. I’ve kind of been working on pulling all of that together and proving a lot of people wrong.

Come 2024, Pipko will once again exercise her right to vote. But she thinks America has a lot of healing to do beforehand.

I certainly think we’re more divided than ever. We have to stand together if we want to stay on this Earth and stay happy and healthy.

She also spoke to thedeep fundamental problemthe world is facing right now, where issues like anti-Semitic attacks are being politicized and even justified.

I would love to see some kind of unity on the way [到 2024 总统选举] because I think you don’t realize the effect that your vote has until you turn around and realize your neighbors aren’t speaking to you later on. You’re allowed to have a husband, or a child, or a best friend who votes differently. You’re also allowed to stick to the same thing. All those things are ok. It’s the meaning behind the vote that matters a lot more than your actual vote or beliefs themselves.


Pipko is in the beginning stages of working on another book. Rather than writing another autobiography, she plans to write about the ability toconquer everything there is to conquer in the world and not letting anyone stop you from doing that.

She’s also working on causes that she’s passionate about. 的 2019冠状病毒病大流行 has made her hyperaware of the fact that so many individuals, families and business owners are suffering. This month, she’s begun using Amazon Live to sell products made in the United States. She started with helping veteran-owned businesses. Profits will be donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, a charity that helps men and women coming back from serving overseas.

Elizabeth Pipko was signed to Wilhelmina at age 17.

Elizabeth Pipko was signed to Wilhelmina at age 17. (Filbert Kung/Lapalme magazine)

They’ve really struggled with everything that happened in Afghanistan. I remember sitting and thinking to myself it’s probably a good wake-up call to know that the politicians and people that we expect to help us during our darkest times are busy tweeting about whatever they’re pushing for and not actually helping those in their state or district or anything else. You have to stand up and do something because other people might not do it even though you think they will.

All the while, Pipko shared just how fortunate she is to be alive and healthy and able to create opportunities for herself.

I’m very aware, almost painfully aware, that any complaint I ever had prior to 2020 was total garbage and inexcusable because the last year, almost two years, has shown some really terrible things in our world. I’m doing better than a lot of people and I’m beyond grateful for that and very aware of that. It’s been insane what the world’s been going through.