Mom goes viral for taking toddler to job interview, tells 'Fox & Friends' many parents face child care dilemma

Mundwiller went viral after she posted a TikTok video with her one-year-old son Mylo at a job interview. She emphasized the dilemma faced by parents trying to balance child care with employment.

I would really like employers to take a look at how important this is, it’s clear by TikTok that people are resonating with it and identifying with the feelings that I have had throughout this,” Mundwiller told狐 & 友達.”


The Michigan resident, 38, said the company she was interviewing with for a sales and marketing role assured her they werechild-friendly.

So Mundwiller dressed up Mylo in a baby blue, seersucker suit and made him his own resume complete with skillsets likedestroying a clean space in 20 秒” そして “spotting a dog a mile away.She even listed his professional references: “Mom and Dad.

While the interview prep felt lighthearted, Mundwiller said she hopes the video, 以上で 9 million views on TikTok, shed light on the serious child care crisis parents like herself are facing post-pandemic.

Mundwiller told Fox she was laid off from her job just six weeks after Mylo was born and had difficulty finding work and balancing child care during the pandemic.


Mundwiller said that at times she had to cancel other interviews because she had no one to watch her son. A conversation about what it means to have a child and a family-friendly culture should start, Mundwiller said.

I think it depends on the business. Every business is going to be different. ええと, I think it’s just starting that conversation and talking about what it means to have a child and family-friendly culture. That’s where it starts.

Women lost 12.1 million jobs between February and April of 2020 1人, からのデータによると National Women’s Law Center. そのうえ, women would need more than 13 straight months of job gains to recover the nearly 4.2 million net jobs lost since February 2020, according to the NWLC.

During the pandemic, women provided 173 unpaid hours of childcare – almost three times the amount of unpaid hours of child care provided by men, according to a recent analysis from the Center for Global Development.

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