Mom's clever Santa letter moves Christmas Day for military parents, 第一响应者

On Dec. 2, Stephanie Davisson of Alaska, shared a Facebook image of her free, downloadable Santa letter titled, “Alternative Delivery Dates.This is the fourth year Davisson created the letter for parents who work Dec. 25, and still want to celebrate Christmas with their kids.

The letter signed by Santa, 读, 部分地: I’m sure you know that every December 24th my reindeer and I fly around the world spreading holiday cheer, but did you know I make other, special trips for special kids just like you?”

I know sometimes your mom or dad can’t be home on Christmas Day, because they’re working – keeping us safe and helping us in our times of need…I want your whole family to have a special Christmas morning, together.

Davisson told Fox News she continued the letter for December 2021 at the request of her two friends – a nurse and a firefighter.

I guess I didn’t realize how much it meant to people until then — until I heard from someone I know,” Davisson wrote in an email to Fox News.

Davisson got the idea to launch the letter since her husband, 布雷特, is in the Army and sometimes works Christmas Day. Over the years Davisson has received thousands of requests for access to her Santa letter – some even asking for versions tailored to their personal situations.

Military & First Responder, 航班, Medical, General Use (对于 “extraordinary jobs,” because I simply cannot make one for each profession), 和 “Split Christmas” (by popular demand for kids with parents in separate households),” Davisson wrote on Facebook.

The post went on, “This year I’ve also added a special letter for military kids who’ve PCSed [permanent change of station], because this is my family this year, and once again I’m looking to Santa to help my own kids cope with the reality of this crazy life. 我的 5 yo is concerned Santa won’t be able to find us, and thankfully, I have just the solution to ease that fear.

Davisson said she and her family moved to their sixth duty station this past summer.

Shortly after we got here, I was chatting with a mom on the playground and somehow we got to talking about TDYs [temporary duty] and deployments, and how we deal with our husbands being gone or working for extended periods or special occasions,” Davisson told Fox News.

I’ll never forget how genuinely grateful she sounded when she said to me, ‘Have you seen those Santa letters some lady does every year? She just changes the date of Christmas and it’s genius!’ We do that now for lots of things; we just change the date and do it together,'” Davisson added. “I just smiled and said, '是, I’ve seen it.That’s why I keep doing it, because it helps people. 信, and the idea.