Maandagaand Sokker: New England Patriots edge Buffalo Bills in 'crazy game' to win seventh straight

Die New England Patriots het die Buffalo Bills uitgestof 14-10 op 'n stormagtige aand by die Highmark-stadion in Buffalo om hul wenreeks na sewe wedstryde te verleng.

As gevolg van die hoë winde, met rukwinde wat reik 50 myl per uur, the Patriots completed just two of three passes for 19 erwe, the fewest attempted passes since the Billstwo against the New York Jets in 1974, according to the Patriotspost-game stats.
Not only did the players have the windwhich was strong enough to nearly push ESPN’s gamecast crew off their chairsto contend with, but the real feel temperature inside the stadium was only in the 20s.
    Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones was largely limited to handing off the ball and allowing his teammates to run, with the team rushing 10 consecutive times to begin the game.
      “[Dit was] just a crazy game to be a part of,” Jones gesê, as reported by ESPN. “We knew it was going to be windy. You can’t control it, there is no on and off switch.
        You just have to go out there and do your job, and for us to run the ball like we did was incredible.

        Smashmouth football

          Fans of high-flying passing football would have found the lack of an air game drab, but the focus on running the ball was a throwback to the league’s early days.
          Jones’ first pass of the game, a 12-yard completion caught brilliantly by Jonnu Smith, wasn’t thrown until 1:22 was left on the clock in the first quarter. The Patriots QB didn’t throw his second until there was just 6:51 in die spel oorbly.
          A familiar sight on Monday night: Mac Jones hands the ball off to Damien Harris.

          That second pass was incomplete, but Jones threwand completedhis third and final pass on the very next play to rack up his final statline of 2-of-3 passing for 19 yards and a passing rating of 84.0. Volgens die NFL, it was the fewest passes made by a winning team in the last 30 seisoene.
          Jones’ high number of handoffs — 46 om presies te wees — drew comedic analysis from the Manning brothers, Eli and Peyton, on the Monday Night Football broadcast. “Do you think he is enjoying playing this game?” Eli asked.
          When asked what Jones and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels were taking about, Peyton replied: “Niks nie.”
          You see this, nice handoff here, Mac [McDaniels]. Nice job on the quarterback sneak. Niceleg drive,” Peyton added.

          Long run saves the game

          While the ball didn’t see much air time and the game was more of a grinding affair, one New England player made sure there was a highlight on the frigid night in Buffalo.
          Met 5:18 in die eerste kwartaal verlaat, Pats running back Damien Harris scored on a career-long 64-yard touchdown, eclipsing his previous personal best of 41 yards set last year at Kansas City against the Chiefs. It was also the Patriotslongest run since Curtis Martins’ 70-yard rush against the Chicago Bears in 1997.
          Harris finished the game with 111 yards on the night but left the game because of a hamstring injury.
          The win improves the Patriotsroad record to a perfect 6-0 and moves Bill Belichick’s side to 9-4 on the season, while the Bills, widely considered a Super Bowl contender in the preseason, fall to 7-5.
            What a memorable game that will be for me in my career,” Patriots center David Andrews said, as reported by ESPN.
            “Een, it’s a win. Twee, I don’t know if I’ve ever played in a game where we’ve thrown the ball three timesand I’ve been playing football since I was six years old, so that’s 23 jare.”

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