Monica Crowley: Biden's destructive policies – here's how to lose a country in 10 meses

Si la trama se siente familiar, es porque estamos viviendo un guión similar.

Presidente Biden seemingly has adapted that screenplay into “Cómo perder un país en 10 Meses.”Como el escritor de ficción, he zeroed in on his target – America – and is forcing so many destructive policies so fast that the country seems increasingly unmoored.


The movie had a happy ending. This real-life drama will not.

During the 2008 Campaña, Barack Obama identified his and the Left’s ultimate objective: la “fundamental transformation of the nation. By that, he meant moving the country away from its foundational principles of individual liberty, limited government and free market capitalism and toward a socialist, collectivist economic model and governance through a permanently installed Democrat majority. 

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Everything Democrats do is geared to achieving that objective. La semana pasada, when asked about Biden’s multitrillion-dollar spending proposals, White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted they were aboutmaking fundamental change in our economy.

All Biden administration policies can be understood not in the traditional sense of “éxito” but in the radical context of remaking the country into an American-style socialist tyranny, atop which the leftist ruling class will sit forever.

In that context, the cascade of crises begins to make sense: they’re necessary steps in the transformation. The attendant chaos allows them to implement endless “emergencia” policies that hand them ever-greater power and control at the expense of ever-dwindling individual freedom.

Consider their policy warpath over the past 10 meses:

Prior to the pandemic, the economy under President Trump was firing on all cylinders, with growth strong, wages up and unemployment at or near historic lows for every demographic group. When the pandemic hit, Trump oversaw the execution of $ 4 trillion in economic relief, and when he left office, he handed Biden the fastest economic recovery on record.

Biden’s inherent weakness is a provocation, emboldening  America’s enemies as they probe, advance and threaten us and our interests.

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