Monica Lewinsky discusses cancel culture in '15 Minutes of Shame' official trailer: 'I was Patient Zero'

Imagine waking up with the whole world talking about you because your mistake, your secret, has now been made public. Trust me: I know a little something about this. I was Patient Zero of having a reputation destroyed because of the internet — and I would not be the last,” the 48-year-old activist said during the trailer.

Lewinsky had her name and reputation dragged through the mud for years after her infamous affair with former president ビル・クリントン was discovered and made public.

The events took a toll on her life, but thanks to the documentary, her anti-bullying work and her role as a producer in “弾劾: アメリカンクライムストーリー,” she has told the hosts of the “今日” show that she’s happy now.


HBO Max's trailer for ‘15 Minutes of Shame’ featured Monica Lewinsky talking about cancel culture.

HBO Max’s trailer for ‘15 Minutes of Shame’ featured Monica Lewinsky talking about cancel culture. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Webby Awards)

The activist appeared on the “今日” show in earlier this month to discuss her project.


It’s not just people in power who have voices. That’s one of the beauties and the beasts of social media,” Lewinsky explained. “More people can be heard.

彼女は付け加えた: “We’re living in a culture and world now where we’re drowning in shame. We’re taking a 360 look at this culture of public shaming, public humiliation culture, and trying to ask the question, ‘Where are we going?’”

I think the takeaway of anyone watching this who is struggling or feels like they’ve been shamed is that you can get through it,” she concluded.

Lewinsky produced the HBO Max project with director Max Joseph. It’s set to be released on Oct. 7.

フォックス・ニュース’ Tyler McCarthy contributed to this report.