Monica Lewinsky reveals her 'greatest regret'

The anti-bullying activist participated in a question and answer segment Vanity Fair released just weeks ahead of the premiere of the FX drama “弾劾: アメリカンクライムストーリー,” which centers around her affair with former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

ザ・ Q&A segment asks Lewinsky some very personal questions, such as what her biggest fear is, her most treasured possession, 元NFLスターのバーノンデービスは、アスリートがQ-Collarを使用することを提唱しています, どちらかといえば, she’d change about her appearance.

The 48-year-old also revealed what hergreatest regretin life is.

That some of my choices have caused others suffering,” Lewinsky said.


Lewinsky hinted at her ’90s scandal involving President Clinton in an answer about friendship. Asked what she values the most in her friends, she responded: “Compassion. Wisdom. Wit. The delicate balance of knowing when I need tough love and when I need support. プラス, call me crazy, but I’m also partial to friends who don’t surreptitiously record our calls.

Lewinsky serves as producer of the upcoming FX drama 'Impeachment: American Crime Story' about the Clinton scandal

Lewinsky serves as producer of the upcoming FX drama ‘Impeachment: アメリカンクライムストーリー’ about the Clinton scandal (Noam Galai/Getty Images for Webby Awards)

Lewinsky’s answer was seemingly a dig at the late Linda Tripp, the former White House and Pentagon employee whose covert recording of conversations with Lewinsky revealed an affair with President Clinton.

She went on to admit that her greatest fear isa toss-up between a tarantula crawling on me and dying alone,” and that if there’s one thing she could change about herself it’show my PTSD manifests.

Her most treasured possession, 彼女は言いました, is her “メンタルヘルス。” She also revealed her love for peanut butter and crystals.


Lewinsky was 21 years old when she began working as an intern at the White House for former President Clinton. The intern and the president would spend months havingflirtatious encountersbefore things escalated. ザ・ Lewinsky affair was one of a series of events that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the House before he was ultimately acquitted in the Senate.

Bill and Hillary Clinton remained married, although allegations of Bill’s affairs and sexual misconduct plagued them through Hillary’s 2016 presidential bid – with then-candidate Donald Trump bringing accusers to sit in the audience of one of the presidential debates.

On her 48th birthday 先月, Lewinsky shared on Twitter her view of being a person in the public eye.

it’s my 48th birthday today and it marks that i’ve now been a public person for half of my life,” she wrote on her personal account.

such a strange, strange thought. とりあえず, grateful to all of you who are part of my community here!” 彼女は付け加えた.

フォックス・ニュース’ ジュリアフォックスは、彼女の作品で最もよく知られている女優です.




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