Montana sheriff ditches Democrats for GOP: 'They left me' with radical rhetoric about defunding police

Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter quoted 전자 President Ronald Reagan, who also switched parties, and said that henever left the Democratic Party, they left me.

Slaughter explained to host Harris Faulkner that Democratic policies, 그만큼 “radical defund law enforcementmovement and “지금, in my county, we have elected officials and candidates who are aligning themselves with 안티 파,” are reasons why he wants to switch parties.

Slaughter noted thatwe have a relatively safe community” 그리고 “not suffering from what 시카고 and my partners in the Northwest are suffering with, but we don’t want to go there either.

In Chicago over the weekend, 적어도 54 people were wounded and eight were killed in dozens of shootings and other incidents reported throughout the city, 경찰은 월요일 말했다.

Slaughter also pointed to the situations in 시애틀, 빨래. 과 포틀랜드, 광석., stressing thatthose areas are suffering horrific, horrific violenceand that there has been an anti-law enforcement sentimenteverywhere.

지난 여름, downtown protestors created a police-free area near downtown Seattle, calling it the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, 또는 CHOP zone.

In Portland, 이상 150 consecutive nights of riots took place in the city following the death of 조지 플로이드 in police custody in May 2020.

Slaughter pointed out thekey thinghe said he believes is “중대한” about the situations in those areas, noting that officers there are leaving and going to other communities, like Cascade County

And what about those poor citizens? What about the citizens that are left there?” he then asked.

It seems like the Democratssolution to everything is gun control,” Slaughter continued. “Let’s take the arms away from the citizens and then let’s disrespect and defund law enforcement and somehow that’s going to be the solution.

What’s their endgame? Who’s going to enforce the law?” he then asked.

Slaughter went on to note that he doesn’t believe that the majority of Americans do not want to defund the police.


The majority of America does not want this,” he went on to stress. “They don’t believe in defunding the police. They know we need them. The fact of the matter is, is that we are the citizens, the citizens are us.

He also stressed thatin my community we stand for law and order and we expect our criminals to be held accountable to maintain public safety.

Sheriffs in other states have switched parties 게다가, including a sheriff in 펜실베니아, Fayette County Sheriff James Custer, who told여우 & 친구in December that he changed his political affiliation to Republican because of theshift in ideals of the Democratic Party at the national level,” 포함 “사회주의 의제.”

Fox News’ Stephanie Pagones contributed to this report.

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