Mookie Betts earned everyone in America a free Taco Bell taco when he stole a base in the World Series

Mookie Betts did it all for the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday night in the team’s Game 1 월드 시리즈 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, including winning free tacos for everyone in America.

Taco Bell is running its Steal a Base, Steal a Tacopromotion through the World Series, and Betts’s first stolen base earned all the chance to get a free Doritos Locos Taco.
Betts actually stole two bases in the bottom of the fifth inning, but the promotion’s rules only allow people to claim one free taco.
On October 28, anyone in the US and the District of Columbia can get a free Doritos Locos Taco at participating Taco Bell locations, 회사 웹 사이트에 따르면.
    The Dodgers beat the Rays 8-3 게임 내 1. Betts had two hits, two runs, one home run and one RBI. It’s no coincidence that the Dodgersbest inning was in the fifth, when Betts stole those two bases.
    Betts has been down this road before: He stole a base in Game 1 의 2018 월드 시리즈 while Taco Bell was running that same promotion when he played for the Boston Red Sox against his current team, the Dodgers.

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