Morale is clearly low among law enforcement, former DC police detective says

TED WILLIAMS: In these neighborhoods, believe it or not, the neighbors and everybody know who the crooks are… What is going to be needed is number one, if I was the president, is that I would have a recruitment drive and every military base where the soldiers are, military people are about to get out of the military and try to get them to come into law enforcement because we’ve got this shortage. The morale is clearly low. 

Also, one of the things that have to be targeted, and we need to face this elephant in the room, and that is Black on Black crime. In our neighborhoods, we are just overloaded with Black on Black crime and that has to be addressed. And the way you address that is that you have intelligent units. You don’t send in police officers in uniform. You send these intelligent agents into these communities. You make them a part of that community. You get these individuals involved and they, in turn, can get information from citizens in that community.


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