Più di $  100 million in ads has *already* been spent on just 5 Senato gare

Il 2022 general election is still 284 giorni di distanza — and even the earliest primaries don’t start until March.

E ancora, più di $ 100 million has already been spent on ads in just five Senate races, according to tabulations made by CNN’s political unit.
    Here are the five most expensive Senate contests to date:
      1. Arizona: $ 31,487,757
        2. Ohio: $ 25,323,162
        3. Pennsylvania: $ 20,854,762
          4. New Hampshire: $ 16,835,264
          5. Nevada: $ 13,877,003
          Consider that: There has già been more than $ 30 million spent (or reserved) on ads in Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly’s bid for a full six-year term.
          As CNN’s David Wright Appunti, conservative groups like One Nation and Saving Arizona are running ads bashing Kelly, while liberal groups like Advancing Arizona and End Citizens United are defending him.
          While spending by outside groups dominates in Arizonawhere the Republican field is still very much in fluxself-funders are driving the spending in Ohio. One candidate, Mike Gibbons, has already spent $ 10 million on an ad campaign that will run through the state’s early May primary.
          This sort of massive spending is already well ahead of the pace of the last two elections. Wright also notes that TV ad spending in 2022 Senate races is more than double what it was at a similar point in the 2018 o 2020 cycles.
          Looking back to 2020, the five most expensive Senate races — secondo data compiled by Open Secretscost upwards of $ 1 miliardi (!!!).
          1. Georgia (David Perdue vs. Jon Ossoff): $ 260,766,995
          2. Carolina del Sud: $ 239,824,140
          3. Georgia (Kelly Loeffler vs. Raphael Warnock): $ 225,121,111
          4. Arizona: $ 171,841,567
          5. Kentucky: $ 166,500,900
          Infatti, del 10 most expensive Senate races ever, nine of them were in 2020. (The lone exceptionclocking in at $ 213 milioni — was the 2018 Florida Senate race won by Republican Rick Scott.)
            Given how much money is already being spentand the fact that two of the most expensive races of 2020 (for Kelly and Warnock’s seats) are being re-run this Novemberthere’s every reason to believe that the spending records set in 2020 will fall in 2022.
            Il punto: Spending on Senate races has begun to resemble the amounts that candidates for president will spend in a swing state. And there’s no evidence to suggest we have hit the spending ceilingor will anytime soon.




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