Más que 90 million Americans have cast general election ballots so far

Más que 90 million Americans have voted so far with three days left until Election Day, as a majority of states are reporting record early voting turnout in the 2020 elección.

These votes represent almost 43% of registered voters nationwide, according to a survey of election officials in all 50 states and Washington, corriente continua, by CNN, Edison Research, and Catalist.   
Fourteen states have already seen more than half of their registered voters cast ballots ahead of November 3.
Nationwide, the more than 90 million ballots already cast represent about 66% — almost two-thirdsof the more than 136.5 million ballots cast in the 2016 presidential election.  
    As pre-Election Day voting surges nationwide amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many states are seeing record turnout in early voting in-person and an influx in mail-in ballots compared to last cycle.
    As of Friday, Texas and Hawaii surpassed their total turnouts from the 2016 general election.
    Thirty-five states and Washington, corriente continua, have crossed their halfway marks for total 2016 ballots cast, incluso 13 of CNN’s 16 most competitively ranked states — Texas, Georgia, Carolina del Norte, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin, Maine, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Nebraska.
      About half of the votes already cast this cycle come from those 16 key states, which will play a crucial role in determining who wins the presidency this year.    
      Some voter information comes from Catalist, a company that provides data, analytics and other services to Democrats, academics and nonprofit issue-advocacy organizations, and is providing insights into who is voting before November.  




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