Mother of teen killed in Oakland road rage shooting pleads for help to find suspect

The mother of a 15-year-old girl shot and killed Wednesday in a road rage shooting in Oakland, is pleading for the community’s help to find the suspect.

Shamara Young, who was identified by her mother, was riding in a car with her uncle when the road rage incident occurred, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne L. Armstrong said in a press conference Thursday.
Young’s uncle began to have a dialogue with someone in another car which escalated into an argument, which then led to someone in the other vehicle firing multiple rounds, according to Armstrong.
      Young was struck and driven to a local hospital by her uncle, but did not survive the gunshot wounds, Armstrong said. The 15-year-old attended high school in Oakland.
        In an interview with the Oakland Police Department, Young’s mother, whose name is not being released by police, described her daughter asa real loving girl.
          She loved to go out and have fun with her friends, she was also about making herself better, she was also pushing to strive for the best, she loved her family a lot,” 그녀의 어머니가 말했다.
          Young’s mother called the shooting “무의미한,” asking the community for help to find the suspects.
          How many times do we have to cry out to you? How many times do we have to say we are in a moment of crisis?,” Armstrong emotionally said while speaking of the incident. “Our children are in danger, this is a moment where everybody should feel sad.
            This killing marks the 109th homicide in Oakland this year. Oakland reported an increase in homicides after five people were killed in the last seven days, 경찰서에 따르면.
            This is just one story of many being traumatized by violence in the city,” said Armstrong. “I plead with the members of this community to come together.

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