COVID가 다시 한 번 학교 폐쇄를 촉발함에 따라 어머니는 아이들의 정신 건강을 옹호합니다.

“자유를 위한 엄마” 플로리다 공동 의장 Quisha King 합류 “여우 & 친구 주말” 교실에서 아이들을 제거하는 어렴풋한 결과를 해결하기 위해 – 해결 방법이 많지 않습니다..

“아이들에게는 안정이 필요하다,” King told Fox News로렌스 존스 일요일에. “And when you’re yanking them out of school, putting them back in school and having them go through all of these processes… of course, they’re going to be suffering with things other than the threat of COVID.


We have to take a more comprehensive approach to this,” 그녀는 계속했다. “Yanking them out every time there’s a spike in cases… that’s hardly the solution.

King urged the Biden 관리 and teachers unions to formulate better plans, 같이 CDC data reveals there’s been a 31% jump in mental health ER visits among kids aged 12 ...에 17.

New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz, WHO recently announced her plans to move her family from New York to Floridaciting grievances related to the former’s handling of the pandemic – 주장했다, once schools are closed under these circumstances, it’s easy to continue closing them.

All the while, children are the one group that’s least susceptible to the virus, she asserted.

The new normal is not normal and parents need to fight it,” Markowicz continued.

“교육을 옹호하는 부모” vice president and outspoken mama bear Asra Nomani agreed, encouraging that parents should become more involved in their school systems by raising their voice and running for office.

For a community that cares so much now about equity and all of these issues of discrimination, we have to realize we are really punishing our children with bad policymakers as the sacrificial lambs of our society,” 그녀가 말했다.

We have to do what we know best, which is to protect our kids.

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