MSNBC host scolds ‘angry White man’ Bill Maher over Lin-Manuel Miranda criticism: ‘Stay in your lane’

Bill Maher has been wack for a long time,” Cross told viewers on Saturday before admitting she didn’t watch the program before attacking it.

Maybe he said something highly offensive again last night, Ek weet nie. I stopped suffering through that stale clumsy monologue and painfully out-of-touch show a long time ago,” sy het gese. “But I did see a clip segment of him complaining [oor] Lin-Manuel Miranda apologizing for the lack of Afro-Latino representation in his movie ‘In the Heights.’


The MSNBC host then played a clip of Maher mocking the “Hamilton” creator who recently issued a statement after being knocked for an apparent lack of diversity in the film adaptation of his musical. Maher, a staunch liberal but frequent critic of the left, urged Miranda tostop apologizing.

“Asseblief, stop apologizing. You’re the guy who made the Founding Fathers Black and Hispanic!” Maher said during the show’s panel discussion. “I don’t think that you have to apologize to Twitter! For f‘s sake. This is why people hate Democrats.

Die “Ware tyd” host went on, “ek bedoel, he’s a Latino making a Latino movie with a Latino castnot good enough! Nothing is ever good enough for these people! They’re like children. We don’t raise our children right and it’s reflected in the media. No one ever tells their children, ‘Shut the f— op, sit down, listen to your elders, stop b—-ing.’

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross told viewers that "Bill Maher has been whack for a long time."

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross told viewers thatBill Maher has been whack for a long time.

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