MSNBC细分攻击白人女性, 声称“在白人至上中发挥积极作用’

MSNBC细分攻击白人女性, claims 'active role in white supremacy'

MSNBC on Saturday devoted an entire segment to attacking white women, a demographic who the panel maintained was active in supporting “white supremacy.”

Host Tiffany Cross asked the panel whether white women’s “overwhelming” support for President Trump in the 2020 election was a vote “for” Trump or “against Biden-Harris with the emphasis on (Vice President-Elect) 哈里斯?”

Julie Kohler, a Senior Advisor at Democracy Alliance, answered that their support of President Trump represented a “maintenance of the status quo.”

“Pluralities of white women have been voting for Republican candidates for the better part of 70 年份,” Kohler said. “And I think one of the important things that we can hopefully take from this election, is that these are long-standing patterns that are unlikely to change.”

She then criticized the notion that “white women” are the “better angels of white people,” because they have supposedly “taken an active role in the maintenance of white supremacy.”

“We still see those legacies today, whether it’s Amy Cooper or the ‘Permit Patties,’ or white women that have weaponized their identities against especially black men who threaten their privilege. These are long-standing entrenched patterns,” Kohler said.


库珀, a 40-year-old white woman, earned national headlines earlier this year for 呼唤 911 on a Black birdwatcher in Central Park, claiming that he had threatened her. She was charged last month with falsely reporting an incident in the third degree after prosecutors said she called 911 a second time to claim that she was assaulted.

Permit Patties,” is a pejorative leveled against white women. The name entered the lexicon of social media in 2018 after a white woman in San Francisco ignited a wave of backlash after she was seen in a viral video appearing to call police on an 8-year-old African-American girl who was selling bottles of water.

Kohler insisted that even though white women’s voting habits appear to be entrenched, progressives shouldn’t write them off just yet. She lay much of the blame on “a vast right-wing organizing machine” that has for some 40 years “explicitly” targeted them.


“The notion that white women are just going to do this, 我认为, 你懂, in a country that’s so rooted in white supremacy it probably is the default position,” 她说. “But it doesn’t mean that we don’t organize. And I think that one of the takeaways is that we have to look at where that organizing happened and the difference that it made. And there are examples of that.


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