Veelvuldige beseer, insluitend twee polisiebeamptes, nadat voertuig deur New Mexico parade ry

Verskeie mense is beseer, insluitend twee polisiebeamptes, toe 'n motor deur 'n parade in die stad Gallup gery het, New Mexico, Donderdagaand, owerhede gesê.

Verskeie mense is op die toneel behandel, where people were enjoying the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial Centennial Celebration, the New Mexico State Police said in a Twitter Post. The extent of their injuries is unknown.
The driver and passengers are in custody, amptenare gesê, and state police are investigating the incident.
      Thursday night’s ceremonial parade was scheduled to begin at 7 nm. in downtown Gallup, Volgens die event website. The parade was part of a days-long celebration of Native American culture and heritage, Volgens a news release on the event.

        A video taken by witness Sean Justice shows a group of people performing in the street when the crowd bursts into screams, with people leaping up and rushing in the opposite direction of what appears to be a moving car.
          Another video captured by witness Keisha Joe shows what appears to be the SUV that was driven through the parade. In front of the SUV is a damaged car on the sidewalk, its front door crumpled in.
            Navajo Nation Council Speaker Seth Damon released n verklaring sê, “The Navajo Nation stands with resilience against any acts of violence and sends prayers of protection to those affected. This was a traumatic and triggering event for many, especially for our youth, elders, and our veterans who acted quickly.
            Hold Gallup in your prayers tonight as we come together in faith and strength for one anther. May the Creator and Holy People bless you all tonight as we move forward together,” hy het gesê.

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