Multiple people dead after shots were fired in Oregon hostage situation

Multiple people died during a hostage situation that unfolded in Salem, 오레곤, Monday afternoon, 관리들은 말했다.

Deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a possible hostage situation on Juneva Place SE around 12:30 오후, 에 따르면 보도 자료 issued by the sheriff’s office. Salem is about 45 miles southwest of Portland.
A trained hostage negotiator was on scene and attempted to speak with the suspect over the phone butshots were fired,” 릴리스 말했다.
There were multiple fatalities during this incident, including that of the suspect,” 릴리스 말했다.
    The sheriff’s office did not say how many people died in the incident.
      The Oregon State Police are leading the investigation into the shooting as they would with any deputy involved shooting for the sheriff’s office, 릴리스 말했다.
      No deputies were injured and any deputies involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave while the investigation takes place, 릴리스에 따라.

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