Muslim advocacy group warns American Muslims and Black communities to avoid state capitol buildings ahead of inauguration

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has issued an advisory warning American Muslims and other minority groups to avoid state capitol buildings and surrounding areas ahead of Inauguration Day.

CAIR also urged Muslim houses of worship and community centers to protect themselvesdue to threat of far-right, White supremacist violencefollowing the 1月 6 米国議会議事堂での暴動.
CAIR is deeply concerned that far-right insurrectionists unable to vent their political grievances at the national or state capitols will target minority community centers and houses of worship as an alternative for their destructive rage,” CAIR’s government affairs director Robert McCaw told CNN.
CAIR is warning the Muslim community to prepare themselves for this reality,” 彼は言った. “We want to make sure everyone is safe.
Law enforcement and state officials are on 高アラート for potentially violent protests in the lead-up to Inauguration Day, with some state capitols boarded up and others temporarily closed ahead of Wednesday’s ceremony.
The FBI says it has received information warning ofarmed protests” 全部で 50 state capitols beginning Saturday and the US Capitol in Washington, DC, beginning Sunday, ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in.
Domestic extremists pose the most likely threat to the inauguration, particularly those who believe the incoming administration is illegitimate, according to a joint bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and eight other agencies that was CNNが取得.
CAIR advises anyone who chooses to counter protest to read itsKnow Your Rightsguide so they can responsibly engage with law enforcement.
CAIR is warning any Muslim that makes the choice to be a counter protestor to assert caution and remain safe as they encounter White supremacists, but also law enforcement officers that target Black or Muslim peaceful counter-protestors instead of the extremists,” McCaw said.
Conservation Officers with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources prepare for protests outside of the Capitol building in St Paul, ミネソタ.

CAIR’s chapter in Minnesota, インクルード epicenter of heated protests over the police killing of George Floyd, says the warning extends to Black communities and other minorities.
For Muslims and especially Black Muslims, what happened on January 6 showed a clear difference in treatment in how law enforcement treats White rioters,” CAIR Minnesota executive director Jaylani Hussein told CNN. “We just want to warn Black people attending counter protests to remember police will not act the same way to you as they act towards White people storming the capitol.
The risk isn’t only from White supremacists, but also from police,” 彼が追加した.
US investigators have so far opened 275 criminal cases and charged roughly 98 individuals in connection to the January 6 米国議会議事堂での暴動.