Nancy Grace skeur 'dwaling’ veldtog om Ghislaine Maxwell uit die tronk vry te laat

Nancy Grace rips 'delusional' campaign to release Ghislaine Maxwell from jail

The friends and family of Ghislaine Maxwell have launched a movement to get the British socialite released from jail, citing her prison conditions and lack of vegan food options, volgens berigte.

Maxwell friend and PR veteran Brian Basham has launchedOperation GGOwith the goal of having Maxwell released on bial from her Brooklyn cell, where she awaits trial on federal child sex trafficking charges, the Telegraph reported.

Basham claims Maxwell has lost 25 pounds during her four months in detention and that she is on the verge of starvation because corrections officials won’t respect the vegan diet she follows. Basham told The Telegraph that Maxwell’s scale was removed from her cell after she complained about going 20 hours without food.

Maxwell is also reportedly struggling with her prison-issued paper clothes and feels she is being singled out for cruel” en “vindictivetreatment, according to the newspaper.


According to investigative journalist andEpstein: Dead Men Tell No Talesauthor Melissa Cronin, “Operation GGO” is “just another example of how delusionalMaxwell is.

Brian Basham said that he finds it appalling how she’s being treated in prison,” Cronin tells Nancy Grace in Fox Nation’s new episode getiteld “Nancy Grace: Accused Sex Perv Ghislaine Maxwell To Walk Free?”

Anyone who knows anything about this case finds it appalling that someone would think there was any chance this woman should be released. Jy weet, [dis] just another example of how delusional she is,” Cronin added.

Grace, a former special prosecutor and current host of theCrime Stories with Nancy Graceon Fox Nation questioned Basham’s account, observing that she hasnever once, in all the jails I’ve ever been in, seen an inmate with a set of scales.

What a big fat lie,” Grace added.

That’s the first thing I thought,” said Anne Bremner, a high-profile attorney who joined Grace for the episode.

I’ve never heard of an inmate having scales in their cell and having them taken away because they’re losing weight. ek bedoel, that just does not ring true,” sy het gese.

Basham’s campaign comes after a judge denied Maxwell’s bond offer of $ 5 miljoen, deeming her a flight risk.

She is one of the biggest flight risks that I’ve ever seen or heard in my entire journalistic career,” Cronin told Grace. “She’s not just capable of finding a private plane, she’s capable of flying it herself, she was actually a helicopter pilot for Jeffrey Epstein and brought the victims back and forth from the islands.

Maxwelljust has to realize that she might have gotten away with it for years so far, but now that the hand of justice has come down on her and she’s not getting away with it, she’s not going to get special treatment,” Cronin added. “She just has to wake up to the reality that her time has come.

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