Nancy Grace spars with profiler over teensWalmart attack: ‘We’re worried that they grew up without Daddy’?

Nancy Grace spars with profiler over teens' Walmart attack: 'We're worried that they grew up without Daddy'?

Fox Nasie host Nancy Grace chastized a criminal profiler on her show Thursday for suggesting that the four teenagers gearresteer in die fatal stabbing of a young girl at a Louisiana Walmart were a product ofdeprivedupbringings.

Phil Chalmers, a counter-homicide trainer and criminal profiler, joined Grace on the latest episode of Fox Nation’s “Misdaadstories” which focused on the recent moord of a 15-year-old who was stabbed during a fight with several other girls inside a Walmart Superstore Jan. 23.

The alleged attackers, whose ages range between 12 en 14 jaar oud, had stolen weapons from the store, and can be seen bragging about the attack in a social media live stream. The victim was later pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Chalmers said the attack is consistent with CDC data indicating a troubling rise in suicide and homicide rates among young girls, many of whomgrow up in poverty, abuse, family breakdowns.


“ek het 13 oorsake [van] why kids killno father, unstable, abusive home because of bullying, especially with violent entertainment, obsession with deadly weapon, a wrong friend, peer pressure, eiendom … mental illness, it all comes into play,” hy het gesê.

You can’t just point to one thing, but usually there’s four or five in each murder that I think is different than adult killers.

Grace was quick to dispute Chalmers’ eis, noting that the alleged attackers appeared well-kempt and displayeddesigner sportswear,” in the widely circulated video.

We’re talking about the killers who are calling the victim a ‘bhand they ‘don’t give a fabout her’,” Het Grace gesê, “and we’re worried that they grew up without Daddy and peer pressure and they got bullied in the third grade? Are you serious? Regtig? Am I the crazy one?”

The host later became emotional when she revealed that the victim was close in age to her twin children.

How do you think the parents feel, seeing their girl chased down and stabbed dead?” sy het gese. “ek bedoel, Phil, I don’t want to come down on you, maar asseblief, ek bedoel, this girl bled out on the floor at Walmart. And you’re telling me the killers may have been deprived?”

They’ve been deprived [van] iets, natuurlik,” Chalmers retorted. “It may not be money, but something is not right that they would do something like this.

“Ja,” Grace interjected, ” They’re criminals.

One of the four girls was charged with second-degree murder, while three others face charges of principal to second-degree murder.

For a closer look at the story and more of Grace’s exclusive analysis, join Fox Nation and watch Nancy Grace Crime Stories: Murder at Walmart vandag.


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