NASA rocket launch might be seen Saturday night on mid-Atlantic coast

People in states from North Carolina to Connecticut may be treated to a NASA rocket launch Saturday night, if weather conditions are favorable.

NASA plans to launch a sounding rocket 之间 11 下午. 星期六和 3 上午. Sunday from the Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, 维吉尼亚州, according to a release from the space agency.
Scientists hope the rocket will offer more insight into the source of soft X-rays, 哪一个 “hurtle towards Earth from elsewhere in our galaxy,” 发布说.
      Soft X-rays aren’t harmful to people, but they can disturb radio communications and GPS systems, NASA said. They have lower energy than the X-rays used in the medical field.
        Scientists think these X-rays come from two sources, said Massimiliano Galeazzi, the principal investigator for the mission from the University of Miami, 佛罗里达.
          The first source is located outside our solar system and is generated by remnants of multiple supernovae explosions forming what is now called the Local Hot Bubble region of our galaxy,” Galeazzi said in the release. “The second source is within the solar system and is generated by the solar wind charge exchange.
          The launch was planned for earlier this week but was postponed because of weather conditions. The launch window is through January 17.
            Those not in the mid-Atlantic region can see the launch on the Wallop’s Flight Facility YouTube site.
            The facility launches about 25 sounding rockets a year, 根据美国宇航局. The rockets get their name from the nautical termto sound,” meaning to take measurements.