NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace has voted … 처음으로

NASCAR's Bubba Wallace has voted ... 처음으로

Bubba Wallace has revealed in an Election Day tweet that he voted last week for the first time.

The NASCAR driver became one of the most politically active members of the series this year, leading the sport’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement and pushing for a ban on displays of Confederate flags at its events.

Wallace, 27, did not say who he voted for in the swing state of North Carolina where he lives. 하나, 그는 ~였다 targeted for criticism by President Trump earlier this year after his NASCAR colleagues showed an outpouring of support for him when a rope tied into a noose know was discovered in his garage at Talladega Superspeedway in June. It was later determined that the item had not been directed at Wallace and Trump suggested that he should apologize for what he called a “hoax.”

Wallace addressed the controversy in a commercial released last week by his new sponsor Root Insurance called “Progress owes no apology” that depicts him walking away from a reporter asking him “How do you respond to requests that you apologize?”

This past weekend at Martinsville, Wallace drove a car sponsored by DoorDash that featured prominent Vote messaging.




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