National Adoption Month – Here's how to connect children in need with forever families

我们最近的联邦报告显示,大约 400,000 孩子们 are being cared for in the U.S. 寄养制度与 120,000 他们中的父母权利被终止. And those numbers are only climbing.

According to a joint report released this summer by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), our understanding of the 新冠肺炎 impact across the globe has only begun – “超过 1.5 million children experiencing the death of a parent or grandparent caregiver who lived in their homes and helped care for them.


The landscape of adoption, 太, has dramatically changed over the past 20 years with the total number of intercountry adoptions declining by 87%. And while adoptions continue to be on the decline – only further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic—the cost associated with adoption continues to rise. 今天, we estimate the cost of domestic and intercountry adoptions to range between $ 25,000 和 $ 50,000. That is simply outside the reach for most families.

Also staggering is the number of children who have been orphaned with mild to acute health care needs, requiring access to medical or therapeutic intervention. According to a leading adoption agency, 68% of the intercountry adoptions they processed in 2019 involved children with special needs. 

当然, the needs of children impacted by adoption and/or foster care are, 在很多情况下, complex and unique. These children have often experienced early attachment injuries related to loss, 滥用, trauma and/or neglect. And traditional parenting methods and models can fall short in providing the love, care and healing vulnerable children so desperately need. 

There are resources available to reduce the financial barriers as well as answers, insight and guidance both pre- and post-adoption.