National School Boards Association apology 'too little, too late': Parents Defending Education president

Neily said NSBAnever should have senttheir letter, which requested federal assistance with opposition it deemedequivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.

Shortly after NSBA’s letter was sent to the 백악관, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memorandum that instructed the FBI to take the lead on addressing threats against school officials.


It raises a huge amount of questions about what kinds of coordination were happening behind the scenes, who asked for this letter, and how the 법무부 was able to turn this around so quickly,” Neily said.

(출처: Oregon School Boards Association)

(출처: Oregon School Boards Association) (Oregon School Boards Association)

The apology was addressed to NSBA members, and Neily questioned whether the association would apologize to the parents who were vilified as well.

What about the parents?” 그녀가 물었다. “What about the millions of parents who were labeled domestic terrorists by this organization? We demand an apology as well.

The takeaway from the entire situation, Neily said, is that the NSBA is no match for parents who are upset about the curriculum being taught to their children.

I think what this shows is that a $ 19 million trade association with direct links to the White House is no match for a group of mad moms,” 그녀가 말했다. “There is strength in numbers.

Neily said despite actions taken both by Garland and the NSBA, she believes parents at the grassroots level can make real change.

There is opposition to these ideas and how these things are being shoved down our throat, it crosses party lines, it crosses racial lines, ethnic lines, and so there is a real groundswell of opposition to what is going on and I’m really optimistic that if people keep pushing, we can affect significant change,” 그녀가 말했다.

“그래서, I’m very heartened by what’s going on, and I think this wave is going to continue.

폭스 뉴스’ Kyle Morris and David Spunt contributed to this report.

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