Nationals' Stephen Strasburg, Dave Martinez upset with 'spy camera' filming dugout

Strasburg was caught sitting in the dugout rubbing his shoulder in the middle of the Nationals’ 14-3 손실 성. 루이스 카디널스. 그만큼 2019 World Series champion was not happy with what he thought was a private moment being shown on the baseball broadcast.

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There’s got to be some sort of safe place in the stadium,” Strasburg said, 통하다 “There have been plenty of other starts where something is not feeling right, and whether you treat yourself or you have a trainer come treat you, it’s just part of the business.

I went out there and I gave it everything I had; it wasn’t good enough tonight. There should be some sort of privacy. People don’t watch the games on TV to watch some sort of spy camera watching what the player is doing in the tunnel.


Martinez wasn’t happy either.

Quite honestly, that shot shouldn’t have been shown, so I’m a little perturbed about that,” 그는 덧붙였다. “It shouldn’t be there. 솔직히, that camera, there are rules and regulations about that. It’s not supposed to go down in the tunnel. It’s in black and white.

Strasburg was tagged for eight runs, seven earned, in four innings. He allowed eight hits, including three home runs and struck out three and walked eight.

Martinez said Strasburg didn’t complain of any shoulder issues during the game.

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