NBA 확률: 골든 스테이트 워리어스, 포틀랜드 트레일 블레이저스, 벤 시몬스 착륙 후보 중 하나

화요일, ESPN의 Adrian Wojnarowski는 Simmons가 훈련 캠프에 나타나지 않거나 Sixers를 위해 다른 게임을 할 계획이 없다고 보고했습니다..

이제 초점은 낙진으로 이동합니다.. 만약 (언제) 시몬스가 거래된다, where will he go?

Simmons has reportedly said he wants to play “어딘가에” but Philadelphia next season, so let’s take a look at some of the potential landing spots.

FOX Bet has posted the odds for the 25-year-old’s next team, 그리고 Sacramento Kings come in as the +200 favorites to land the All-Star.

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그만큼 Portland Trail Blazers (+350) 과 Minnesota Timberwolves (+400) are the two other teams with less than 5-1 odds to land Simmons.

Rounding out the top five are the San Antonio Spurs골든 스테이트 워리어스 ...에서 +600+650, 각기.

Ben Simmons says he’ll ‘never play’ for the 76ers again. What are Philadelphia’s options?

On paper, 그만큼 2021 runner-up Defensive Player of the Year had a good season, despite his playoff shortcomings. Simmons finished the season averaging 14 포인트들, seven rebounds, 6.9 assists and a combined 2.2 steals/ blocks per game.

But for the third time in four years, the 76ersseason ended in the Eastern Conference semifinals. The icing on the cake was Simmons’ 경기 7 공연, in which he finished with just five points.

Couple that with the fact that he finished the playoffs an abysmal 25-for-73 from the free-throw line and a clean break might just be best for all parties involved. A restart ofThe Process,” so to speak.

The Sixers are in win-now mode with MVP candidate Joel Embiid, so keep an eye on teams that can provide Philadelphia with pieces that will be able to contribute right away, and into the future.

The Simmons drama will be one of the biggest storylines to keep an eye on as training camps fire up because the pieces involved in a trade this big will certainly shift the paradigm of the League.

With the NBA season tipping-off in less than a month, let the games begin!

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