NBA 확률: How much would Kyrie Irving's absence affect Nets lines?

어느 쪽이든, 아래에 New York’s mandate, 브루클린 경비원은 팀 활동에 완전히 참여하려면 예방 접종을 받아야 합니다.. 처음에는, NBA 올스타가 파트타임으로 뛰는 것이 아니냐는 추측이 나왔다. (도로 게임) 시 2021-2022 NBA 시즌. 하나, the Nets’ emphatic statement Tuesday was that part-time play is 아니 an option, 당 general manager Sean Marks.

So what does this all mean for Brooklyn’s chances at hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy next summer?

When it comes to futures bets, the Nets championship odds haven’t moved significantly – even with the Kyrie Covid saga. 현재, FOX Bet has the Nets as the favorites to win the title at +230 (meaning a $ 10 bet would win you $ 33 합계). Brooklyn is followed by the Los Angeles Lakers in the odds, who sit at +400 to win it all.

As for how Irving impacts the Nets from a gambling perspective moving forward, FOX Bet Sports Trader Dylan Brossman advises that Kyrie’s latest behavior barely moves the needle in that regard.

I don’t believe Kyrie is worth more than 1-2 points per game on this star-heavy roster,” Brossman said. “Brooklyn was 12-6 last season without Kyrie and 36-18 with him (identical winning percentage)​.

Brossman also explained why they haven’t moved the team’s futures odds.

“결국, the Kyrie drama is largely priced in and hasn’t affected the Nets title odds, as there remains hope for Kyrie to ultimately 1. Get vaccinated or 2. Get traded,” the oddsmaker explained.

Even without Irving, this roster is absolutely loaded with talent, including two of the best players in all of the NBA. 케빈 듀란트 — the biggest star of BK’s Big Three and arguably, of the entire League — averaged 26.9 포인트들, 7.1 무대, 과 5.6 assists last season. 제임스 하든 isn’t too shabby himself, as he averaged 24.6 포인트들, 7.9 리바운드, 과 10.8 assists last year. Based on those stats, having Insta-Live Irving on the team is more of a bonus than a necessity.

In the unlikely event that Kyrie is confirmed to play next Tuesday against the Bucks, I would only expect to see the line move 0.5 ...에 1 point, considering he has not been with the team this offseason,” Brossman stated.

The Nets opener against the defending champion Bucks is right around the corner, on October 19th. There doesn’t seem to be any movement on Kyrie’s stance, so we shouldn’t expect to see Irving in a Nets uniform next week.

But from a betting angle, whether you do or don’t wager on Brooklyn should not be based on if the star guard plays or sits.

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