NBA's Enes Kanter says he is 'shocked and disgusted' after his brother was robbed in Atlanta

I propri bordi, a center for the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, richiesto “normali misure di controllo delle armi” dopo aver detto che suo fratello è stato derubato ad Atlanta durante il fine settimana.

I’m shocked and disgusted,” bordi wrote in a tweet on Sunday. “My little brother (Ahmet) walking around Atlanta, gets a gun pulled on him, and robbed. When will we have some normal gun control measures? This is not okay & not normal. We need to keep demanding peace & modificare, and stop putting guns in peoples hands.
According to Atlanta police, officers were dispatched to a robbery call in downtown Atlanta just after 4 a.m. di domenica.
      Ahmet Kanter and two other people said they were walking to get sodas when they were harassed by four men and one allegedly tried to rip a diamond chain off Kanter’s neck, secondo un rapporto della polizia. The chain broke but Kanter held on to it.
        Kanter and his friends encountered a state trooper at a convenience store and he told them to call 911, ha detto il rapporto della polizia. Then they headed to a parking deck.
          Le vittime, who live in two Atlanta suburbs, saw the four men in a car that followed them from the entrance of the deck, secondo il rapporto della polizia.
          Faced with two guns, the victims gave up some shoes, a wallet, chiavi, an iPhone, a bracelet and the necklace, secondo il rapporto della polizia. Kanter told police one of the suspects was wearing a ski mask.
          The incident was recorded on security cameras at a business, quale Kanter tweeted.
            The report does not indicate any other injuries from the incident.
            Atlanta Police told CNN the incident is still under investigation and no arrests have been made.

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