NBC, CNN Sunday shows spend just seconds on botched Afghan drone strike after ignoring blunder last week

금요일에, 그만큼 오각형 confirmed that the Aug. 28 드론 스트라이크는 “비극적인 실수” that resulted in ten dead civilians, 일곱 자녀를 포함하여, 이는 8월에 대한 응답으로. 26 terrorist attack outside the Kabul airport that killed 13 우리. servicemen.

This came one week after the 뉴욕 타임즈 published a stunning visual investigation that came to the same conclusion. The Biden administration had announced thattwo high profileISIS-K fighters who were dubbed asplanners and facilitatorsof the suicide bombing were killed in the strike.


ABC의 “This Week,” NBC’s “언론을 만나다” and CNN’s “연방의 상태” all skipped the damning Times report, which ultimately previewed the admission made by the Pentagon. CBS’ “Face The Nationmoderator Margaret Brennan briefly mentioned the botched drone strike during an interview with former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell. 폭스 뉴스’ Chris Wallace addressed the subject during a panel discussion on “폭스 뉴스 선데이.”

While ABC offered a substantial course correction on Sunday addressing the controversy for nearly four minutes, that wasn’t exactly the case for NBC and CNN.


Meet The Pressmoderator Chuck Todd spent roughly nine seconds on the subject while listing the political woes plaguing President Biden. A graphic that read “우리. admits drone strike a mistake, killed civilianswas put on-screen during a panel discussion for about 36 seconds while the discussion itself addressed Afghanistan more broadly and other topics.

Todd’s CNN counterpart, “연방의 상태” moderator Jake Tapper, similarly spent ten seconds on the botched drone strike as one of several controversies the Biden administration is facing. It’s worth noting that it was Dana Bash, who alternates moderating “연방의 상태” with Tapper, avoided the subject the week prior.

Neither Todd nor Tapper addressed the political firestorm facing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. 마크 밀리, who is facing calls for his resignation and accusations of treason after it was reported in the Bob-Woodward-Robert Costa book “위험” that he called his Chinese counterpart in January and told him he would warn 중국 of an incoming attack by then-President Trump that never took place.

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