NC GOP Senate nominee says NC Democrats know their party has 'long since' left them behind

대표. TED BUDD: I don’t think North Carolinians are going to buy that Cheri Beasley is anAmerica firstDemocrat — those don’t actually exist. The Democrats here in North Carolina realize that their party has long since left them. I look forward to reaching out to those [WHO] haven’t become far-left and I want to ask them to support me. Maybe there’s still some Reagan Democrats here, the unaffiliateds, the Republicans — we have to unite. 사실은, the Republicans need to unite. I think they will. And also get those unaffiliateds and those Reagan-style Democrats on board. And we can win this for our state and help take back our country.

And I think it’s time for all of us as North Carolina Republicans to pull together and let’s go take back our country, because we know what would happen with Cheri Beasley in there. You think inflation is bad now? You think borders are bad now? Just wait until she was there.

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