Neil Patrick Harris launches 'Goop' inspired newsletter, but says he won't be selling personal lubricants

Neil Patrick Harris is here to give you tips, hacks and even a few magic tricks in his newly launched newsletter.

它被称为 Wondercade and made its debut on Wednesday.
The weekly newsletter, which is written by Harris, is free and he was inspired to create it while home during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    We provide well-researched, valuable content and you enjoy learning about random nonsense. It’s win/win,” he told CNN in an interview over email.
      I spend an exorbitant amount of my time seeking out recommendations by knowledgable experts in their fields, whether it be medical breakthroughs or magic tricks. I feel like it’s important to make informed decisions. I also have a very varied set of interests, and have a fair amount of experience myself, especially in the realm of entertaining. So Wondercade is the culmination of my knowledgea space to provide insight and inspiration to others, in the singular, digestible form of a weekly online newsletter,” 他加了.
        David Burkta and Neil Patrick Harris will be collaborating on Wondercade.

        Harris said he was inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop, which initially launched as a newsletter in 2008.
        但, Harris添加了, there’s one thing he wants to make clear.
          Wondercade deeply respects Gwyneth Paltrow and aspires to be a Gentleman’s Goop, but worries that you’ll think the first part of this sentence sounds like we are selling personal lubricant,” 他开玩笑.
            本周早些时候, Paltrow’s company launched DTF, a new female libido booster.
            Harris said Wondercade will include contributions from his family. Husband, actor and chef David Burkta, will be providing their favorite recipes and their 10-year-old twins will share their interests too.