Neil Young wants his music scrubbed from Spotify because of vaccine misinformation on the platform

Dallas bene, an outspoken avvocato for Covid-19 safety and prevention, doesn’t want his music to share a home with vaccine misinformation.

In a now-deleted post on his sito web, Young asked his managers and record label to remove his music from Spotify because he said the music and podcast platform isspreading fake information about vaccinespotentially causing death to those who believe this disinformation spread by them.” (Rolling Stone originally reported the text of the deleted post.)
I want you to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all my music off their platform,” the 76-year-old said in Monday’s post, according to Rolling Stone. “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both.
    “Rogan” refers to Joe Rogan, the exceedingly controversial podcast host who has made frequent false and inaccurate claims surrounding vaccini e Covid-19. All'inizio di questo mese, un gruppo di più di 250 scienziati, doctors and nurses penned an open letter to Spotify condemning the streamer for platforming Rogan and calling on Spotify to warn its listeners about misinformation.
      “L'esperienza di Joe Rogan” was Spotify’s most popular podcast globally in 2021, secondo Varietà. It became a Spotify exclusive in 2020, when Rogan signed a multi-year exclusive licensing deal with the streaming service, thought to be worth more than $ 100 milioni, the Wall Street Journal segnalato al tempo.
          CNN has reached out to Young’s manager, his publicist at Warner Records and Spotify for comment.
          Frank Gironda, Young’s manager, did confirm to the Bestia quotidiana that the two had discussed Young’s concerns and weretrying to figure this out right now.” Egli ha detto, pure, that Young wasvery upset about this disinformation.

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