Nets' Steve Nash explains viral Kevin Durant hug: 'They've been killing me'

Nash was seen on the TNT broadcast hugging Durant ever so tightly after the superstar recorded a 49-point triple-double to help Brooklyn get a 3-2 advantage in the series.

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The photo of the first-year coach quickly made the rounds on social media and became the latest meme.

Nash was asked about the embrace on Wednesday as Brooklyn prepared to take on Milwaukee in Game 6 and potentially move onto the Eastern Conference finals.

My wife and daughter certainly enjoyed that. They’ve been killing me for the last … whatever,” Nash said, 経由して SNY. “I was just really proud of him. I know what he puts on the line every night and his work ethic and his routine. Just the commitment he gave to that rehab of that career-threatening injury to be back – all the way back – and having maybe his best playoff performance ever … it’s incredible.


I was just really proud of him. Happy for him. And grateful for, as our leader, for him to come out there and play like that. It’s remarkable and I just wanted to show my appreciation.

Durant played every minute of the victory. He recorded a triple-double with 49 ポイント, 17 リバウンドと 10 アシスト.

According to the Nets, Durant was the first player in NBA history to score 45 or more points, grab at least 15 rebounds and dish out at least 10 アシスト. Durant also became the fourth player in NBA history to have scored at least 40 ポイント, grabbed at least 15 rebounds and dished out at least 10 アシスト. He joined Luka Doncic, Charles Barkley and Oscar Robertson as the only other players to accomplish the feat.

ゲーム 6 is set for Thursday night in Milwaukee.