Nets superstar Kyrie Irving backtracks after taking shot at Nike: 'It was unfair'

アーヴィング, 誰が作る $ 11 million per year in endorsements with the company, shared his thoughts on the newKyrie 8sneakers coming out soon, and said that Nike planned on releasing the shoe without his approval. Irving called the sneakers “ごみ” and said that he had nothing to do with them.

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今, Irving is saying that he should have handled the situation differently.

When you’re building something great, there sometimes comes a point when you need to recalibrate and refocus to ensure everyone involved is aligned. This is where the KAI11 brand and Nike are,” Irving told The Athletic.


It was unfair to put the blame on Nike or any one person. With that being said, we are diligently working, restructuring, and reimagining things together to make sure we get it right.

Photos of the new sneakers leaked online and that’s when Irving expressed his feelings in the comments section of an Instagram post. The sneakers aren’t for sale yet. There’s also no word on if the release of the sneakers will be delayed.

に 54 ロサンゼルスラムズの6月のSoFiスタジアムでのオープン練習中にボールを持って走る, Irving finished with 26.9 ポイント, 6.0 アシスト, そして 4.8 rebounds for the Nets. 来年, アーヴィング, ケビン・デュラント, and James Harden will look to lead Brooklyn back into the playoffs with hopes of claiming an NBA championship.