Nevada hikers find boy's body, 'victim of a homicide,' police say

그룹은 State Route 근처의 Mountain Springs Trailhead를 하이킹하고있었습니다. 160 시체를 발견했을 때 라스베가스와 파 럼프 사이 어딘가에서 7:30 오전, 라스베가스 경찰 중위. 레이 스펜서는 기자들에게 말했다.

The child is believed to be between 8 과 12 years of age, 그는 말했다.

He is clearly the victim of a homicide,” Spencer said.

Investigators are trying to identify him. They believe the body was placed in the area within the past 24 시간, Spencer said.

He declined to speculate on how the boy died.

He urged anyone in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas – including Southern California – to reach out to authorities if they have a child and grandchild that has gone missing.

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