New ATF report shows annual American gun production nearly tripled in 20 jare

American gunmakers manufactured more than 11 million guns in 2020, nearly three times the number produced in 2000, volgens a report published this week by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tabak, Firearms and Explosives that provides in-depth data on firearms manufacturing, sale and enforcement.

Die verslag, dubbed by the Biden administration as the first study of firearms trafficking in more than 20 jare, was issued days after a mass shooting in Buffalo, where the alleged gunman had three legally purchased firearms in his possession, including one he is accused of using to gun down 13 mense, doodmaak 10.
The report is part of an ongoing efforts from the Biden administration to address the gun violence epidemic in America.
    We need to know who is using guns in crimes so we can focus our enforcement efforts on those individuals, And this data does just that. It helps us tailor our approach at the most significant drivers of gun violence and take those shooters off the streets,” Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said Tuesday, speaking to federal and local law enforcement officials from around the country to mark the beginning of a two-day national summit focused on reducing violence.
      Volgens die verslag, 11,063,910 firearms were manufactured in the US in 2020 in vergelyking met 3,932,734 in 2000.
        Tussen 2016 en 2021, meer as 45,000 firearms suspected of being privately made, including firearms commonly known as “spookgewere,” were recovered by law enforcement from potential crime scenes and reported to the ATF. Byna 20,000 of those firearms were recovered and traced in 2021 alleen.
        The administration highlighted the overall ghost guns numbers last month while announcing new regulations on them. In Maart 2021, the FBI reported almost 4.7 million background checks, triggered before the sale of a firearm, the highest number since the bureau began recording.
          A CNN-analise showed that homicides broke record highs last year, fueled by gun violence, while data previously provided to CNN showed firearm seizures and recoveries by law enforcement in several cities reached near-decade high levels.
          Gary Restaino, the acting director of the ATF, said in the introduction of the report that itwill help federal, staat, and local law enforcement, aanklaers, beleidmakers, and other stakeholders obtain a better understanding of commerce in firearms and how to best address illegal firearms trafficking.
          The report drew attention to staffing and funding issues that have long plagued the agency, wat dit vermeld “over the past three decades, ATF has not been funded and staffed commensurate with staffing increases received by other DOJ law enforcement agencies.
            Volgens die verslag, in 2019, the ATF had 655 field industry operations investigators responsible for overseeing more than 88,000 active federal firearms license-holders. The report’s authors noted that the number of total ATF employees has increased by 41% sedert 1973, in vergelyking met die 254% increase seen by the Drug Enforcement Agency and a 75% increase by the FBI over the same time period.
            The report also recommended greater monitoring of privately made firearms, and efforts to prevent theft by shipping firearms in unmarked packages and looking into the use of Bluetooth tracking of firearm shipments.

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