Nuwe Ford F-150 NASCAR Truck Series-renjaer onthul

Unlike the Cup Series, wat in Februarie splinternuwe motors sal bekendstel, die veranderinge aan die vragmotors is vel diep.


NASCAR het die reëls opgedateer om vir Ford toe te laat, Chevrolet and Toyota more leeway in the design so that they better resemble the production models and removed the requirement that they all use the same lower front fascia. They also switch from sheet metal to composite hoods.

The current trucks have a more unified design.

The current trucks have a more unified design. (David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Ford was the first to reveal its truck with the new F-150 featuring a grille and headlight design that’s much closer to the production truck’s than the current version.




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