New Hampshire officer on administrative leave after TikTok video surfaces calling out 'media/liberals'

'N Polisiebeampte in New Hampshire is met administratiewe verlof geplaas nadat John Bryfonski, hoof van Bedford, daarvan bewus geword het “ten minste een” Die TikTok-video het die beampte in uniform en blykbaar aan diens geskep, the chief said in a Monday statement.

According to CNN affiliate WBZ, which obtained a copy of the video before it was made private, the TikTok post had the captionHow the media/liberals want the police to be,” and shows the officer, wat nie geïdentifiseer is nie, pretending to respond to violent calls.
In part of the video obtained by WBZ, die beampte kan hoor sê, “You look like you’re going to go shoot those peoplecan you just not? O, he’s pointing at me. I’m outand in another, “Haai, stop stabbing, stop! Stop stabbing that person!” gevolg deur “Dispatch they didn’t stop, so just show me clear.
      The TikTok post also resulted in a YouTube video that was created to call attention to the post, the chief said in the statement.
        The Bedford Police Department does not allow its officers to use social media while on duty, in uniform and using department equipment and vehicles to make divisive or political statements,” the chief’s statement said. “Our department has a robust social media policy and employment policies governing conduct on and off duty.
          Bedford is a town located about in the outskirts of Manchester, New Hampshire.
          The department initiated an internal investigation and the officer who owns the TikTok account was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of that review, lui die verklaring.
            If other Bedford Police officers were involved in any inappropriate videos or postings, additional measures will be taken consistent with the department’s policies and procedures,” Bryfonski said. “Any actions that sow doubt in our department’s mission will be addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.
            Bryfonski added thatthe department has also initiated a review of its social media policy to ensure it is completely in line with modern best practices.

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